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Couch to 5K, Slowly

In my annual spring attempt to learn to jog, I began a couch to 5K program the weekend before last.  I didn’t start THE couch to 5K program; I’ve started that before any number of times and have never gotten past week two.  Week 3 doubles your jogging increments from 90 seconds to 3 minutes.  I cannot jog 3 minutes yet.  I’m not saying I can’t, ever; I’m just not there yet

So I created my own couch to 5K, a less intimidating one that increases in smaller, more manageable increments.  Needless to say, it takes twice as long to get you to the same place, but that’s okay.  I’ve just finished week 2 and I already know I can do week 3 (jog 2 minutes then walk 2, six times).  The confidence of already knowing I can do it is a real comfort to me that will keep me going. 

If I stick with it, after about 4 months I should be jogging 5K.  I’m literally talking about 15-16 weeks.  Maybe if it gets easier, I’ll step it up a bit.  But why rush it and risk injuries?  I’m not in any hurry.

And, interesting proof of the accuracy of intuition:  I always felt in the past when I was jogging that oxygen wasn’t getting to my muscles.  Turns out, not only am I asthmatic (I knew that), I’m also anemic, so actually oxygen might not have been getting to my muscles.  Hopefully the bajillion milligrams of iron I’ve been taking for the past four months will improve that situation and make jogging easier for me! 

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